Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quality Time or Quantity Time

Ah the great debate between quality time and quantity time. Is it better to have a lot of devoted time to a person or project or is it the quality of time that is greater? In pondering this I have discovered that both are true and they both demand commitment. Of course individual situations often dictate whether it is quantity or quality. Even for myself it is hard to determine which I prefer. With our lifestyle so busy and unpredictable having family time is sometimes a difficult task. I have discovered that I want both quality and quantity. I want the five minute talks and the quick little e-mails but I also long for the extended moments when nothing is said but we are all in the same room together, breathing the same air, knowing everyone is close. Our relationship with God is like that. God desires our day to day devotion time be it long or short. The fact that we designate some time to Him each day is pleasing to Him and yet He longs for those times when we retreat to a hidden place for an extended amount of time and just focus on being in His presence, breathing His air and knowing He is close. "Remember the Sabbath day" isn't legalism, it's a commitment. I don't have to be legalistic to devote quality or quantity time to God, I just have to do it.

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