Friday, September 4, 2009

I know it has been several days since I have written. It seems like my days blend into each other and then all of a sudden I have lost a whole week. Oh dear...I don't like losing things.

Looking at my cat the other day made me think about what a cushy life he has. He doesn't have to worry about comfort. My whole house is at his disposal. When I am not looking he takes advantage of places he shouldn't be and with no cares in the world, he spends his life sleeping and chasing imaginary friends. He sits by the door and looks at the world outside but he never seems to want to leave the house. He must know how good he has it. What a life, no worries or cares. I would hold him more and give him a lot more attention but he doesn't want it. He is a little snooty and aloof and yet he does get lonely and seems to indicate to me that he likes me to be around but just not too close. I think that may cat and I are a lot like my relationship with God. He meets my needs and I have access to His presence whenever I want. I like having God around but not too close. I have no desire to leave Him but I can't help but see the world as it passes by my front door every day. It makes me realize how nice it is to be inside of God’s house and not outside. I too have a cushy life. God has given me enough to eat and plenty of love and protection. Sometimes I too forget how good I have it.

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